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This is ensured by offering a comprehensive, dynamic model for assessing where each child is as they grow academically and spiritually.

Viele Organisationen drängten aber darauf, den Begriff der Genitalbeschneidung durch Genitalverstümmelung zu ersetzen.

Das Argument liegt auf der Hand: Beschneidung erinnert sehr an die männliche Praxis, bei der lediglich die Vorhaut abgetrennt wird.

But inequality continued to worsen – with striking data showing that average life expectancy in the US was on the decline.

SATs are encouraged for each Junior and Senior as part of the university preparatory process.

Economic forecasting is notoriously difficult; but, notwithstanding the truth expressed in Harry Truman’s request for a one-armed economist (who wouldn’t be able to say “on the other hand”), my record has been credible.

In recent years, I correctly foresaw that, in the absence of stronger fiscal stimulus (which was not forthcoming in either Europe or the United States), recovery from the Great Recession of 2008 would be slow.

I like ICS-Lima because I know that the school reinforces the Christian values I teach my children at home.