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C validating xmlreader

The problem is that this programming model is relatively complex, not well standardized, cannot provide validation directly, makes entity, namespace and base processing relatively hard.

This tutorial will present the key points of this API, and working examples using both C and the Python bindings: Table of content: Libxml2 main API is tree based, where the parsing operation results in a document loaded completely in memory, and expose it as a tree of nodes all availble at the same time.

This is very simple and quite powerful, but has the major limitation that the size of the document that can be hamdled is limited by the size of the memory available.

The dependency of validating readers on an existing text reader is particularly evident if you look at the class constructors.

The programming interface of the Xml Validating Reader class does not explicitly provide for a single method good at validating the whole content of a document.

This document describes the use of the Xml Text Reader streaming API added to libxml2 in version 2.5.0 .

This API is closely modeled after the Xml Text Reader and Xml Reader classes of the C# language.

This method validates the Xml file against the Xsd file.