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Carbon dating stonehenge

There is good evidence that there were several humid periods in the past (when up to 500 mm of rain would fall per year), the most recent one during the last interglacial and early last glaciation periods which stretched between 130,000 and 70,000 years ago.

Overlooking it all, the Tor acts as a beacon to spiritual pilgrims as it has done since beyond memory.

Bath is England's secret gem that has a medieval Cathedral, a moated Bishop's Palce, the most complete medieval street in Europe and a thriving market thats been held in the cobbled market place right by our hotel for nine hundred years!

We will visit Glastonbury on the Isle of Avalon, rich in history and legend.

NERC has many different mechanisms to support diverse kinds of research; the first step is to decide which is most suitable for the work you want to do.