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I would be a bit hesitant to try and shoot an animal weighing more than 120 pounds with a Foster slug, unless I knew for a fact that the brand in question holds together.

I hear a lot of good things about the accuracy of Federal Truball slugs in cylinder bores.

But in the end all of our models help our visitors out by providing teasing content and because of it people keep coming back to us.

Because they want to see more, and our models always provide more.

In the list of models you can find all the models new and old that are currently residing on our site. They update their galleries constantly because they like to hear you say that they are pretty, give them good rates and chat with them sometime.

All of our models are very friendly and dare i say gorgeous.

I keep meaning to try them out myself, though my particular shotgun is accurate enough with plain old Remington value-pack slugs.

As for the "best" slug, it depends on what you plan on shooting at. Foster slugs are fine for whitetails south of the Mason-Dixen line, but are a bit marginal on northern whitetails, and mule deer anywhere.

You'd be better off with a .380 than any mass-produced .410 slug on the market.