Start Dating a rapper

Dating a rapper

After meeting at an MTV Video Music Awards Party in 2002, Nas and Kelis dated on-and-off for eight years.

He became an investor in chef John Seymour’s Sweet Chick chain in 2015, and helped owners secure funding to expand outside of their two New York City locations.

Kylie Jenner has dumped Tyga and found herself a new man!

Who knows, a good celeb sex tape might even boost his current standing with the ladies.

The loves, exes and relationships of Nas, listed by most recent."Who are Nas' ex-girlfriends? " These are just a few questions that will be answered with this list.

However, Nicki, who split from rapper Meek Mill in December seems to be brushing off the new gossip.

One fan grabbed the star’s attention after sending a screenshot of Wednesday’s (May 10) hot topics to Nicki: “Trending # (number) 4 now on the charts @NICKIMINAJ yessss (sic),” wrote the follower, prompting the 34-year-old to repost the image and respond, “y’all so d##n silly (sic).” Nas has yet to comment on the dating speculation.

Jhene just shared a photo of her and Big Sean together earlier this week with the caption, “flame flame.” Even though celebrity couples seem to be fascinating enough for fans, Jhene possibly dating Big Sean is an even bigger deal considering she could still be married to producer Dot Da Genius.

star has been in a relationship with — or even just hooked up with — in the last six or seven years have players in the NBA, NFL, or MLB.

With so many beautiful women notched on his belt, it's a wonder that Nas has yet to be caught with a celebrity sex tape.

He wouldn't be alone; there are plenty of other singers (like Kanye) on the list of celebrity sex tapes.

Jhene responded to a fan after she shared a photo that seemed to confirm she and Big Sean are an item once again.