Start Dating a remington 700 by serial number

Dating a remington 700 by serial number

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Gun manufacturer Remington on Friday agreed to replace the triggers on 7.85 million Model 700 rifles as part of a settlement in a class-action lawsuit.

The company was sued in 2013 by Ian Pollard, of Concordian, Mo., who said his Remington 700 fired on several occasions, though he didn't pull the trigger. The family of 16-year-old Jasmine Thar, of Charlotte, N.

The publicly available Remington online website to enter the serial number did not flag the rifle for recall when I entered the information, nor did it correctly work for Remington Customer Service when I contacted them directly.

I already was aware of the the manufacturing date of the rifle, so it stymied me that the site didn't recognize such to be subject to recall, and caused me to contact Remington directly, via telephone.

A settlement covering 7.5 million guns and 13 different models produced since 1948 is bound to be complex.

But some have argued in court that Remington's trigger replacement program for its popular bolt-action firearms is needlessly complicated and confusing.

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