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Despite the loss of their holy books when they arrived in India, they persevered and continued to observe the sabbath, celebrate the major festivals, circumcise their sons and perform most of the prescribed offerings mentioned in the Bible.

The Indian Jews were successful merchants and had a substantial impact on trade throughout the world.

Although it is unknown when the first Jews settled in India or who they were, one theory is that they were Israelite merchants sent by King Solomon to import precious goods, such as gold, silver, ivory, monkeys, and peacocks for his kingdom.

These are the Lost Tribes of Israel, and some of them are believed to have fled to India and settled on the Konkan coast and in Kerala.

Judaism is one of the first foreign religions to arrive in India with history dating back to King Solomon’s reign in 970-931 BCE.

They took up oil pressing and became known as “Shanwar Telis” (Shabbat-observing oilmen.) To assimilate into the local culture they gave themselves Hindu names similar to their Biblical first names, but became known by their “-kar” surnames, which indicated the village in which they lived; for example, Navgaonkar came from the village of Navgaon.

The Jewish presence in India is relatively small today; however, the country was once home to a number of thriving Jewish communities.

"In the last few decades, genetic information has become an important source for the study of human history," added Alon Keinan, a researcher at Cornell University and the study's senior author.