Start Dating your housemate

Dating your housemate

You can apply with anyone you consider to be family," the poster read.

Whether it’s the dishes in the sink, the boyfriend who always sleeps over or the loud stumbling back in after a night out—shiz will go down at some point, whether you like it or not.

Yet in many cases, the issue isn’t necessarily the problem itself, but rather the way that you and your roommate it.

Instead, People's Housemate Tom was called upon to face the pair and pick which of them should be given the axe."Imran and Mandy, one of you is about to be evicted," Big Brother announced before giving the pair 10 seconds to tell Tom why they should stay.

According to The Sun, the reality star had also been approached by ITV2's Love Island which begins this evening as well."She turned down Love Island for Big Brother," a source said.

After saying her goodbyes, Mandy exited the house to cheers from the groups to speak to Emma.

Meanwhile, Charlotte remained in the house in tears as her mum became the first housemate to be evicted from the series this year.

Are you happy with tonight's Big Brother 2017 results?