Start Dog intimidating other dogs

Dog intimidating other dogs

Your dog may even redirect on one of his housemates if another dog is walking outside of your fence and gets him upset.

Please note it is very important not to subscribe to breed stereotypes (see Pit Bull article) as “aggressive” breeds can be (and usually are) very sweet and “sweet” breeds can be aggressive.

A good guard dog can be the perfect alternative to costly home surveillance systems. We’ve narrowed the long list of possible pooches down to our 5 most recommended guard dog breeds. According to breeders, “You do not teach this dog to protect you; it does it on its own.” Filas develop strong bonds with their owners, but they tend to remain wary of strangers throughout their lives.

Be advised: this is not a breed for the novice dog owner.

I strongly encourage anyone that has a dog that shows signs of aggression – or if you just don’t know – to contact a professional.

There are many nuances that just cannot be adequately discussed in any single article.

It's rare for a boxer to meet another dog they don't want to be best friends with.

Just keep a close eye the first couple of times, don't leave food or bones around just encase, keep to a neutral territory and off the leash if possible. The female is OK with other dogs the male hates other dogs.

As a former animal control officer, I have seen my share of dogs fighting.