Start Errors in radiologic dating

Errors in radiologic dating

Reporting errors can undermine otherwise diagnostically sound interpretations by omitting or muddling important facts.

You may have grounds for a medical malpractice suit if the negligence of a radiologist, lab technician or treating physician caused lasting injury or delayed the diagnosis of a serious condition. We have prevailed in a wide range of malpractice cases, including radiology errors and negligent lab work. We can gauge the merits of your potential lawsuit in a free initial consultation.

,’” says Woojin Kim, MD, assistant professor of radiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) in Philadelphia.

He adds that misstating patient age or sex is the error that seems to upset patients the most, judging from the calls he received during a stint as interim chief of the Division of Musculoskeletal Imaging.

Despite this essential role, radiologists put millions of dollars in reimbursement at risk each year, as well as open themselves up for potential embarrassment, by allowing errors to slip into their reporting or forgetting key pieces.