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Face to face adult cam

The CAMHS team is made up of health professionals who are experienced in working with children and teenagers with mental health difficulties.

The purpose of the test is to examine whether autistic people grasp these more complex emotional states. Part 1 consists of listening to 50 short clips of actors saying a phrase or sentence.

The theory behind the CAM is that autistic people are able to read basic emotions but have difficulty interpreting complex emotions.

Basic emotions are the ones that we learn early in life: happy, sad, angry, surprised. Complex emotions are sometimes described as combinations of basic emotions or as basic emotions plus cultural conditioning.

Often the most important help that CAMHS offer is to talk with and listen to you.

The health professional will listen and ask questions to understand what’s going on for you.

At your first session you will be asked to sign a service agreement and you and your counselor will discuss what counseling can and cannot do to help.

Also, you will establish a method of payment and confirm your address and identification.

Be prepared to provide your address at the time of the session, and a local emergency contact.