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Koramangala sex talk

Two, the upcoming three weeks are going to be one of the best times in our lives. The day children painted and learnt about body safety Colorothon has become an integral part of Bangalore’s calendar for all the right reasons.

One area that was discussed in the public conference in Bangalore was the privacy of sex workers.

Shubha Chacko, who is from Aneka - an NGO located in Bangalore which fights for the human rights of sexual minorities, made a presentation that focused on the privacy challenges that sex workers in India face. Chacko pointed out many misconceptions that society holds about sex workers’ lives.

She also detailed the challenges of stigma and discrimination that sex workers face, and described the precarious position that sex workers find themselves in as their work is constantly being pushed out of the public sphere by the law and society. Chacko to follow up on her presentation on privacy and sex workers.

The following is meant to provide a perspective on how and in what ways society, law, media and tradition invades the privacy of sex workers.

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