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Leather dating

We also offer faux leather sofas, which have a coating embossed to look like leather, giving you the touch and feel of leather for a lower cost. For more options, also browse our range of sofas and fabric sofas.

On the bar scene and in the street, it can seem like leather has gone the way of the disco, the piano bar, or the Times Square sex cinema.

Between 15,000 to 16,000 fetishists were proudly decked out in gear in and around the Congress Plaza Hotel in downtown Chicago over Memorial Day weekend.

The structure and general deterioration pathways of collagen type I, the main constituent of processed skin, have been well studied and documented in the fields of medical research on skin, book preservation, and leather materials (Kennedy and Wess, 2003).

Participants will gain an understading to different types of leatherwork, leather and their varing uses.