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Some good, meaty commenting went on in the blog yesterday -- where you weighed the relative newsworthiness of the pictures, argued over exactly what defines "racy" photos and pointed the finger of blame at everyone from Miley to her parents to Vanity Fair.

Said reader methinks: "Vanity Fair may have 'tarted' Miley up but her parents were right there, consenting to it. The Cyrus family has only themselves to blame for their 'embarrassment.'"" all, it will eventually blow over and be remembered as 'The Miley Misstep.' Rest assured though, while the public will swing in her direction, they have a short fuse and a long memory.

It's no surprise that the Miley Cyrus photo scandal is the talk du jour.

Everyone -- from The Post Style section to mommy blogs to Jamie Lee Curtis -- is adding voice to the question of whether semi-topless Vanity Fair pix (released on the heels of last week's leaked Miley bra shots) of the 15-year-old Disney star have gone too far.

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In an utterly unscientific insta-poll conducted here yesterday, 72 percent of Celebritology readers think Miley Cyrus and her parents/management are using the Vanity Fair photo kerfuffle -- and their buyers' remorse -- as calculated plays for press.