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Meet just for fuck

Here’s how to find out if you’re on that island, and how to get off without having to send out an SOS signal. We all have certain features that we look for in a guy at a basic level, they’re the same things that determine if you’re going to swipe right or left on Tinder.

The thing is, both of these things are pretty superficial and non-time-consuming.

A player with money could easily send flowers to all the girls he is dating with one click of a button, and the same goes for that “good morning” text.

In 2001, I met this “humble” old guy, Frank Rosenthal at the Walmart in Boynton Beach, FL.

I spent the next several months meeting him for coffee every morning at Starbucks in Boca talking about business, horses, gangsters …and broads, and just getting to know him.

Guitarist and singer Francy Graham, who plays with Chain & the Gang, and bassist Laurie Spector, formerly the drummer of Foul Swoops, have collaborated in the past, and they're both longtime friends with drummer Luke Reddick.

One night they all convened at a show, talked shop, and made tentative plans to record. "Then I didn't think we actually would, but we did, and it ended up being really great." With Dudes makes its formal entree into a D. punk scene that's getting younger, scrappier, and more open-minded than it's been in a long time, led by bands like Priests, Foul Swoops, and the rotating, frequently teenage members of Ian Svenonius' Chain & the Gang.

Not saying that all fuckboys are determined enough (or smart enough) to send flowers or other “romantic” gestures, but you catch my drift.