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Nicollette sheridan who is she dating

The testimony was designed to refute Sheridan's admission during cross-examination that she initially referred to the altercation as a "slap." Sheridan's lawyer also asked her discuss her testimony from last week that she was entered as a supporting actress in the Golden Globe awards while other lead actresses were in the best actress category.

18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits Sheridan said that when she received a letter telling her that an investigation by the human resources department of ABC had found that no action was needed in regards to her complaint about being hit in the head by Cherry, she was unhappy about what she read.

However, Sheridan said she took no further action and did not complain formally to the network about their decision.

Sheridan also said that during a sexual harassment training session about a month after the incident, she chose not to tell the trainer what had occurred with Cherry.

Lori Kirkland Baker told jurors in Sheridan's wrongful termination trial that she first heard the actress' role was being eliminated in December 2008, not in May of that year as creator Marc Cherry had earlier testified.