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Ninja and yolandi dating

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A student at the time, the 19-year-old du Toit would regularly stay on Laubscher’s farm, introducing her boyfriend Jones to the The Glue Gang Boys, with the pair striking up a friendship with member Wanga Jack and taking the teen under their wing. That’s not on.”“[Jones] used to come here and talk to us about our past and where we come from,” said one member.

But according to Laubscher, their friendship wasn’t so wholesome. “I’ve been to prison twice, and in prison you learn this language and there are these [tattoos]…he was obviously looking for this kind of image for himself.”In the report, members of The Glue Gang Boys allege that Die Antwoord would severely underpay them for their services as backup dancers for Die Antwoord’s live shows, as well as appearances on songs and in videos for them, with member Wanga Jack being particularly vocal.“First we were dancers for him.

Yo Landi Visser (stylized as ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER,) born Anri du Toit [1] is an actress and the female vocalist in the South African zef rap group Die Antwoord . Visser also co-starred in Umshini Wam and Tokoloshe : all three films co-starred bandmate Watkin Tudor Jones .

Under her birth name, Visser made two short films, Family Picnic and Spook Asem .

He was paid SA0 to perform at a Die Antwoord gig, boosted to 0 after complaining to the band.

The boys — Wanga Jack, Mzamo Mzi, Aviwe Dikiza and Chelvin Engelbrecht — were members of a hip-hop crew called The Glue Gang Boys and stayed on Laubscher’s farm on the slopes of Tamboerskloof.

His other tattoos are (in his words) "pretty fucking self spoken" including IF YOU DON'T LIKE FUNERALS, DON'T KICK SAND IN A NINJA'S FACE and UGLY ON THE SKIN LOVELY FROM WITHIN.