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This Amish settlement located to the north of Fort Wayne is a Swiss-ethnicity community.

Mifflin County, Pennsylvania (Founded 1791; 22 districts).

Also known as Kishacoquillas Valley or more commonly, ‘Big’ Valley, this settlement is home to three distinct Old Order Amish groups: the black-buggy driving Renno Amish, Byler Amish (yellow buggies), and the most conservative group, the ‘Nebraska’ Amish, aka ‘white-toppers’.

Allen County Amish homes are often built of red brick, unlike those of most other Amish.

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‘Big Valley’ is, in fact, a big valley–about 30 miles long, and around 5 miles wide at its widest.8. This community also has Swiss roots, though Amish here use closed-top carriages and other differences exist.