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"Relative" dating involves comparing one object to others to build a chronology.

"The chemicals in these fingerprints can be analysed," says De Puit.

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“Would you like to see how the sky looked at the beginning of the war? The war he is referring to is the one that famously lasted for 18 days, the greatest of all wars.

He switches on his laptop, clicks on , a planetarium software that simulates the sky in 3D, feeds in some data, and soon we are staring at a configuration on the screen which looks like the night sky with stars glittering on it.

His paper on the war’s dating will be part of a book of research on the Mahabharata that I-Serve plans to bring out later this year.

In support of his hypothesis, he cites research by veteran geologist KS Valdiya, author of , on paleoseismic activity in the lower Himalayas to trace the approximate time of the Mahabharata.

"Some disappear over time and it's the relative proportions of these chemicals that allow us to date a fingerprint." Previous attempts to crack the formula for dating fingerprints failed because they focused on the amounts of chemicals, rather than their relative proportions, says De Puit.