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While working at the MSNBC project, we were asked to build a form that submits its results to a third party system via an HTTP request.

With the threat of buyers closing early this year, R. enlists his half-brother Al to work as his deckhand, as they attempt to tag out as quickly as possible.

Molinare and his son Jay Paul are hunting on separate boats for the first time.

On the evening of Sunday March 5th, Renée K, Aka "Momma" of Rjs Pub and her kids returned home from her daughter Samantha's birthday dinner, only it didn't look like the home they knew. It was a devastating electrical fire that left them with absolutely nothing.

The fire caused her and her children to lose not only everything they own from food, toiletries, clothes, documents, electronics, and furnishings, but it took their family pets as well.

Angular JS is an MVC Java Script framework which elegantly separates controller, business and model logic in your application.

Although it takes getting used to after years of writing server-side code, it simplifies a lot of backend logic in our projects and we've had wonderful success with it so far.

Such a form could look like this: Since this is an Angular-powered form, we use the ng Submit directive to trigger a scope function on submit.

Note that we’re passing the credentials as an argument rather than relying on $scope.credentials, this makes the function easier to unit-test and avoids coupling between the function and it’s surrounding scope.

I noticed the main thing people struggle with is how and where to assign the current User object, so I decided to clarify that a bit. I now work at Xebia, a software development and consulting firm with a strong focus on craftsmanship and personal growth.

One of our driving values is “Quality without compromise”, which I think is essential.

The most common form of authentication is logging in with a username (or email address) and password.