Start Sex chat bot games

Sex chat bot games

A handful of the offensive tweets were later deleted, according to some technology news outlets.

But it was shut down by Microsoft early on Thursday after it made a series of inappropriate tweets.

A Microsoft representative said on Thursday that the company was "making adjustments" to the chatbot while the account is quiet.

On mobile phones, Apple will have another rival to deal with, as ex-Siri developers are in the process of building a virtual assistant for Samsung’s handhelds.

With the rise of smartphones, the number of people accessing the internet through desktop computers has plummeted.

Last week, an artificial intelligence computer named Cleverbot stunned the world with a stellar performance on the Turing Test — an IQ test of sorts for "chatbots," or conversational robots.

Cleverbot, it seems, can carry on a conversation as well as any human can.

Analysts have argued that, because the chatbot's success rate was better than chance, the computer passed.