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Shizuka arakawa dating

Golden Moment is a charitable benefit figure skating show to help raise funds and awareness for early childhood literacy, all net proceeds will remain in Hawaii to serve more Public Schools.

Throughout her career, her calling card was her athleticism: she wasn’t the most graceful skater, and she was never known for her consistency, but her sheer power on the ice — her speed, her stamina, and her dynamism — were unmatchable.

She almost won Olympic gold, but was delighted with her silver medal.

An extraordinary figure ice skating show on the island of Hawaii!

There's not much detail about the groom, other than that he's a surgeon and they've been dating for a while (she was caught kissing the guy in some photos in March):

Well this just makes me even more curious, maybe if we are lucky we might get some pictures sometime in the near future, or else I'm sure there will be some interviews with her about the wedding.

Arakawa was 24 when she won the Olympic figure skating title.

That made her the oldest women's Olympic figure skating champion since 1908 Olympic Figure Skating Champion Florence "Madge" Cave Syers, who won at 27.

The following season, she won the 2004 World Championships in Dortmund, Germany.