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But it told the story of countless women on the home front, doing jobs they had never dreamed possible a year before and frettin' about their family members, friends and sweethearts over in Tunisia, Dieppe, Guadalcanal, and the island of Midway, and it gave them something to believe in, to aspire to. Some say that she just appeared on a moving bus that moved flawlessly through the gray hours just before dawn, a creature of hopes and dreams and song that disembarked at a factory whose doors opened into all American factories.

The song of Rosie the Riveter weren't sweet in a way that would charm folks with sentiment or bewitch critics; it wasn't filled to the brim with notes that made courage and heroism seem inevitable. There are different stories about just how Rosie sprang into existence.

Was she really what she appears to be, or did she become something bigger, more magical and spiritual as the distillation of so many things our country needed to believe in that moment?

" But that picture isn't what made Rosie come to life.

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