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Stamp dating and dictionary

They come home with a twinkle in their eye, gushing about how much chemistry there was with their date, only to have their texts met with silence.

It stamped upon our minds for all time the picture of this brave man standing alone surrounded by cruel, confidently smiling foes.

It stamped upon the throbbing sea and made tumult in water and air.

Stampfe "pestle"), from nasalized form of PIE base *stebh- "to support, place firmly on" (cf. To stamp out "extinguish (a fire) by stamping on it" is attested from 1851 in the fig. Stamping ground "one's particular territory" (1821) is from the notion of animals. stampa "stamp, impression," He made a sudden rush at the king, and stamped with all his might on his Majesty's feet.

24-hour interval, affiliate, associate, assort, calendar day, calendar month, calendar year, civil day, civil year, companion, comrade, consort, day, determine, edible fruit, familiar, fellow, furnish, get together, go out, mean solar day, meeting, month, nowadays, point, point in time, present, provide, render, set, solar day, stamp, supply, twenty-four hour period, twenty-four hours, yokefellow [N.

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After all, his character, I must say, was stamped with both nobleness and strength.

They must be milled to give them a rough edge, and they must be stamped.

When we met up a few weeks ago he seemed keen, but since then he has been flakier than a Danish pastry. Do some people actually prefer these long, drawn out methods of communicating disinterest instead of being honest?

One such trick is "ghosting", which the Collins English Dictionary recently announced as one of its words of 2015.

Cognate with Dutch stampen (“to stamp, pitch"), German stampfen (“to stamp"), Danish stampe (“to stamp"), Swedish stampa (“to stomp"), Occitan estampar.