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Teen dating abuse laws in ny

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The different forms of abuse can also occur in a range of relationships and contexts.

Some examples of various types of family violence are intimate partner violence, child abuse and neglect, elder abuse, violence based on so-called "honour" and forced marriage. A person can be the victim of one or more forms of violence or abuse including: Physical abuse, including assault, is the intentional use of force against a person without that person's consent.

Dating abuse is a widespread problem -- nationally, up to 40 percent of teens have been in abusive relationships and of those that have, 43 percent experienced abuse while at school.

Several states now require school districts to adopt policies on dating abuse among students, which include providing dating abuse education to students and/or protecting targets of dating abuse while they are on campus.

Dating abuse is the use of abusive behaviors by a person to harm, threaten, intimidate or control a current or former dating partner.

Dating abuse can include, but is not limited to, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Bullying at school: long-term outcomes for the victims and an effective school-based intervention program.