Start Updating songs to itunes plus

Updating songs to itunes plus

They're also a higher quality AAC format, but the pricing isn't just a buck anymore.

You can stream them over the Internet for casual listening or download them for off-line use.

This includes movies, television shows, and books as well as music.

They also get two customized playlists delivered each week, a New Music Mix and Favorites Mix based on user taste and past-played songs, along with a variety of daily playlist suggestions put together by Apple's music curators.

In addition, users can listen to Beats 1, Apple's 24/7 internet radio station, and play back-catalog episodes of Beats 1's various programmed shows.

Paying a buck for a song that I can only play on Apple devices? That's what finally led me away to other legal music downloading services like e Music and Amazon.

Currently, the i Tunes Store offers what they call i Tunes Plus song downloads, which are the ones free of DRM.

I finally noticed that Apple allowed upgrading to the new i Tunes Plus versions, which gave me a momentary sigh of relief—until I noticed it was not free.

With the new i Cloud feature, I thought it would be as simple as logging into i Tunes and clicking on "Purchased" on the right-side quick links, then clicking on the little cloud icon next to each song (as seen in the below image) to re-download an updated version of the song that was free of digital rights management. It will just re-download the protected M4P format, not the new AAC one.

Apple has always stored i Tunes music “in the cloud”, but it was never accessible except at the time of purchase.

In other words, Apple would allow you to buy a song and download it but you could not re-download purchases, let alone stream them to other computers or i Devices.

If i Tunes Match doesn’t find a song, it automatically uploads the song as is, directly from your i Tunes library to i Cloud (as long as the song meets “certain quality criteria,” according to Apple, and is not over 200MB).