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Who is gareth cliff currently dating

Cliff says that he is used to newspapers getting it wrong, twisting a line out of context, ‘concocting a provocative headline’ to sell enough of their papers to ‘stave off the inevitable decline of profitable print media.’ But what the Sunday Times had published was outrageous.

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In March 2014 he announce that he was leaving the station, “After two suspensions and several close-shaves, dozens of Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA complaints and almost as many management changes at the SABC, it’s time to get unhinged,” Cliff said.

In 2009 Cliff hosted The Gareth Cliff Show, an M-Net talk show which premiered on September 26.

Gareth Cliff started his radio career a Tuks Radio where he was working as a DJ from 1996 to 1998 before moving to Talk Radio 702 where he worked as a producer from 1998 to 1999.

In 2001 Gareth Cliff became a DJ on Talk Radio 702 where he had been a producer. In 2003 he joined the second season of Idols, an international format reality television-music competition show which airs on M-Net.

In his upcoming tell-all book, Gareth admits to passing Louw’s drink just before the taping of the live show.

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The article itself was full of factual inaccuracies that the Sunday Times have since admitted to.

Susan Smuts, Managing Editor of the Sunday Times sent this response to Cliffs lawyer, Eric Mabuza: “What the Sunday Times unleashed was a tirade of hysterical accusations and insults on social media that had me branded everything from a Bill Cosby-type date-rapist to a white man who cost a black woman her job.” Social media has been lauded for the way it allows anyone with a social footprint to share their point of view.

The trouble with anything that offers this kind of untethered “freedom” is that it often leads to untethered hate and a false headline accusing a South African personality would do just that.