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At 37, and never married, I'm now holding out for three or more, which leaves me with combinations like a Mensa member who volunteers a lot at the Laugh Factory, but looks like Harvey Keitel. "I pay someone $800 a month to tell me how great I am.

My routine begins with a trip to the bar where I establish a personal connection with a bartender, order a drink and tip generously. for nineteen years, so I typically see someone I know at large events. So I prefer to have a drink in hand, whether it’s alcohol or club soda, for the occasional awkward moments where I can buy time by taking a long sip and: think of an excuse why I wouldn’t be available for the next day, month or year, remember where the nearest exit is, make a graceful exit, or cover up an uncomfortable moment, like when a group of men standing next to me incorporated me into their conversation and asked if anyone knew any dirty jokes.

At events like these, the bar can eventually be five or six people deep, so making eye contact with a bartender who knows you tip well, will later jump you to the head of the line. The only man I know who is great at telling dirty jokes is my father. I thought the next time he calls, I’ll have to hit “Answer” instead of “Decline” and request a few jokes. “You pick him up and give him head.” I took a long sip of wine and looked around the room for a good direction in which to bolt.

Gina reveals that her least favourite date was when a man took her to dinner but wouldn’t stop boasting about his wealth.

For the first month, every household that subscribed to basic cable got Cinemax free of charge. But as it turned out, one weekend would have been enough. Now, "the good parts" of just about any movie you can name are just a click away, if that's all you really want.

Dating in LA isn’t always about finding “The One” or even having a serious relationship.

A lot of the time, especially when you’re in your twenties, it’s about looking great standing next to that hot guy in an Instagram pic, having someone to bring to events, and having fun.

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